Registered Service Agent and Form an LLC.

CorpAgent Services, Inc. provides low cost, high value registered agent services to its clients at a cost of only $80 per year, plus a first year start up fee of $20 per entity.

We provide the following benefits:

  • Anonymity - Our name and address will appear in the Secretary of State records as your company’s service agent, thereby providing a level of anonymity by preventing third parties from using your individual name to easily locate and identify your various companies through online searches.
  • Privacy - As your service agent, we will act as a "buffer" between you and private process servers. CorpAgent will be served with the legal documents instead of annoying service upon you at your home or office. We will then provide immediate notification and delivery to you by scanning the documents and sending them to you electronically (in addition to regular mail if desired).
  • Stability - If you act as your own agent and move your offices, you will no longer need to worry about forgetting to change your registered agent address with the Secretary of State, which occurs frequently and can cause serious problems.
  • Annual Corporate Minutes Reminder - CorpAgent will remind you to prepare your annual corporate minutes each year.